August 26, 2010

BP10 – Are you loving, or are you not?

Kute Blackson is a transformational life coach, speaker, and an long time supporter of the 22 Ways 2 Love You project. Kute shares passionately about what he has found matters most to human beings. Kute, thank you for your love and support, and for relentlessly living your Love.


  1. So true! It all begins with you. Thank You

  2. Thank you for the beautiful simplicity of the communication. My view is that one is either living in love or in fear in any given moment. Acceptance is an access to loving. Judging and making wrong keeps us in a fear-based position.

    We’d love to share our work with you one day as well. Sandy and Lon Golnick. Relationship & FamiliesByDesign. or Thank you.

  3. Grace says:

    I agree with Kute, you can study all types of philosophy and understand it intellectually but unless you are embodying love and practicing loving all, then what good is it?

  4. paresh says:

    Sandy, Lon, thank you so much for your input. And for the work you both create and hold space for. It was such a pleasure to meet with you both and connect with kindred spirits. Looking forward to continuing the conversation and crossing paths around this work. Big Love.

    Ida Jean, Grace, what a gift you give us and the world in sharing with open hearts. Thank you, Thank you.

    With Big Love.

    The 22 Ways 2 Love You team.

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