October 1, 2009

BP2 – I love how you loved me that afternoon…

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The gorgeous Josephina Santiago shares her souls fire captured in the words of her published poetry. Speaking to the wild, sensual, gentle, feminine, and Goddess nature of that which is Woman, in the experience of her Love and the Lover who lives inside her… Captivating and inspiring expressions….


  1. Faith Lotus says:

    This woman has such a way with words! I just want her to keep speaking and never stop.
    This project was just an idea not so long ago. So very happy to see it progressing into such a lovely piece of life and art.

    big love,

  2. Mitsu says:

    OMG…Josephina just exudes such beauty from the inside out…she positively glows! What a powerful reading!

  3. Danka says:

    Thank you for this part of Love project!
    Would dedicate it to all beautiful Lovers we are ,
    with warm afternoon of Sun !

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