BP8 – Ways to Love You

Lovely Miss Rachel Haynes presents a soulful, sexy, phenomenal spoken word poetry piece overflowing with the full spectrum of what it means and feels like to be immersed in the journey of relationship. This poem was written by Rachel and performed as a contribution to our first fundraising event, Heart Side Out, on April 22, 2010. Thank you Rachel for bringing your amazing gift to this project.


  1. Una says:

    Lovely and delicious Rachel!

  2. Chris Muse says:

    So inspired by you all and the world we cocreate. LOVE is unquestionably the most meaningful aspect of our lives, the driver of inspiration. The conversations, reflections, and emotions that 22 Ways to Love You brings up has the power to influence the way the world turns- from the core of our hearts. All of us are part of this project, even the curious observers. I love you at least 22 ways…

  3. oh, soooooo powerful and profound….would expect nothing less from this Goddess!

  4. Devin says:

    Spoken with so much passion I can’t help but be moved to tears every time I hear it. What a powerful piece from one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  5. Ahva says:

    That’s right girl, sing it out and sing it strong • let love find you it won’t take long • to be the rays of a rising sun • because Beauty you know so many ways…. a brand new day has begun.

    Just trying to say, Rachel, wow sweetie, you got some kinda talent there!
    Loving and feeling YOU, Ahva

  6. Sorry but I really could not hear this well enough to comment. Too fast or?????

  7. Xendra Dee says:

    Rachel, your words made manifest were the bomb diggidy alone.
    Your passion made manifest through these words made a lethal dose of bomb diggidy beaz neaz!

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