BP12 – I would live for her, I would die for her

This clip is from one of the most heartfelt and soulful, candid interviews we have captured in Denver, CO. Excee Carpenter shares what true love means to him and how it’s changed over time. Thank you Excee for courageously sharing your beautiful heart so that others may be inspired by your words. This special clip also features dancing by Jessica Wolf and spoken poetry by Josephina Santiago. Thank you Jessica and Josphina for your continued support of 22 Ways 2 Love You.

December 1, 2010

BP6 – Stranger in a Strange Land?

Mary Wolf, former editor and owner of “Loving More” magazine, shares with us a little of the extra-ordinary polyamorous life she’d chosen and the unique path to realizing the expression of Love in her heart and her world. Continuing to count the ways…

November 27, 2009

BP5 – Love is saying “God, you look wonderful even when you don’t”

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Michael Chapman & Seamus Dolan answer some direct questions about Love and the way they see relationship. When we walked up to them smiling at each other, we knew their authenticity would come through clearly. They generously gave us their hearts and their honesty. Thank you guys.

November 11, 2009

BP1 – Do I have stay home and take care of the Dog?

This was a remarkable group discussion session during which Johanna shared so very generously and courageously her experience of loving and wading in the waters of the the new relationship that was her reason for coming to the United States.

September 24, 2009