What is love? How do you find it? How do you know when it’s real? Is your way of loving a function of nature or a function of nurture? What other ways of loving are possible? How does love show up across different cultures? 22 ways 2 love you is a film project and video series that documents the quest to explore questions like these. Essentially, 22 ways 2 love you is a series of inquiries about love. Above all, it is a celebration of diversity in a most fundamental aspect of the human experience.

The original concept for this project was born inside a conversation between two lovers. The desire to expand these conversations to the rest of the world compels them to begin a journey with nothing more than themselves, a small film crew, and a burning curiosity to hear what the world has to say. The journey begins in Denver, CO, with dozens of interviews and thought provoking dialogues that capture stories about love that rarely get told. The journey takes them into the community and to experts who address the science of love, the psychology of relationships, and the nature of sexuality. While this film presents many different perspectives on love familiar to us all, it also presents unique perspectives on love that are unfamiliar to most. The project is a vessel for these conversations to thrive as the evolution of love in the modern world unfolds before our eyes. 22 ways 2 love you is a collage of spoken poetry, intimate dialogue, still images, and motion that speaks to the heart and soul of love, itself. It is an audio-visual rhythmic pilgrimage prodding the senses to open up and expose the core of who we really are.

The audience is left with a burning desire to question all that they know, all that they have been taught and to venture on their own unique inquiry about what love is for them. We invite you to join us on this exploration to discover the essence of love within and beyond all forms. We invite you to embark on your own journey as you witness ours.